Area 51: The Truth

YouTubers Arrested at Area 51 Just Trying to Vlog the Truth
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What was inside the aircraft? But this ex Area 51 worker is dealing with the full impact of it's toxic ingredients. News Area 51 Facts With all the secrecy shrouding Area 51, it's time for some light to be shed.

Area The Revealing Truth of UFOs, Secret Aircraft, Cover-Ups, & Conspiracies

Learn more about the nicknames, entertainment, food, spy planes, and rumors surrounding this infamous site. Follow Video Project 'Have Doughnut' Area 51 saw many construction phases for each top secret project. So why did they build a permanently closed air space?

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Where did they hide a foot long runway? Warning signs, magnetic sensors, orange posts and cameras surround Area 51, but what happens when you cross thehe Nevada desert warning loading Follow Video Operation Aquatone Declassified documents in finally revealed that Area 51 was established in for a single purpose.

Area 51 Facts

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Area 51. The name conjures an aura of secrecy, mystery and, of course, extraterrestrial happenings.

1 day ago Why two million people signed up to storm Area 51 Some of the legend of Area 51, which has been discredited for . Is the truth out there?. 12 hours ago Viral Facebook call to “Storm Area 51 (they can’t stop all of is) attracted several dozen revellers to the desert tow of Rachel, Nevada. Alien hunters partied until the early hours of the morning as the event jokingly invited people to run into the base of foot to “see them.

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How the shady business at Area 51 all got started

This caused quite a stir, but Lazar was later found to have fabricated his employment not only on the base, but his entire background: He claims to have graduated from MIT and Caltech but actually went to neither, and he also claims to have worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory, which also turned out to be false. Area 51 is on the map, but good luck actually getting there. It's a restricted area, with armed guards patrolling the fences around the parameter.

They're colloquially known as "Camo dudes" because that's what they wear when on the job.

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Frankly, this is a poor argument. Grab a free spot for Teachable LIVE, an online summit packed with expert entrepreneurs sharing valuable advice on how you can transform your skills into a profitable online course. Of course, this week was going to stir up old alien memes. But then again, those aliens would have been light-years away and of little benefit to the Nevada economy. But the simple gist is as such: the year-old rapper known as Tekashi 6ix9ine, 6ix9ine, Tekashi and by his birth name Daniel Hernandez is currently on trial for racketeering, drug trafficking and other crimes.

Given the testing of stealth aircraft on the site, this kind of secrecy isn't very surprising. However, the guards may be the ones who are most affected by the military silence surrounding the site. Guards have sought compensation for breathing problems they say they've experienced since being exposed to toxic chemicals from the burning of the coatings meant to shield aircraft from radar.

How Area 51 became the center of alien conspiracy theories

As if crashed UFOs weren't enough, some conspiracy theorists also think that Area 51 is where the moon landing was staged. Of course, the moon landing wasn't faked — The six Apollo missions even brought back pounds kilograms of moon rock as souvenirs. Some space equipment, like rovers and life support systems, were tested in Nevada at a nearby nuclear testing site, however. According to the Air Force, the NTTR is the largest combined air and ground space for peacetime military operations in any democracy in the world. It covers a total of 2.

The Nevada Test and Training Range is used to train aircraft crews in combat scenarios and for live munitions training, according to the Air Force, as well as operational testing. In the past, the site has been used to test and develop new helicopters, airplanes, unmanned drones and other top-secret military technologies. One of these was the famous U-2 spy plane, an ultra-high altitude aircraft used for reconnaissance.

This plane's very first flight took place at Area 51 officially known as Groom Lake in August During Area 51's heyday as a testing site for the U-2 and other secretive military tech, engineer Kelly Johnson came up with a deft bit of rebranding to convince government workers and their families to pick up and move to the middle of the desert, according to TIME Magazine.

He nicknamed the place "Paradise Ranch.

Why the Truth About Area 51 May Not Be 'Out There'

Many of the conspiracy theories that surround Area 51 are the result of the government's need to keep the base secret. The alleged UFO may have been "just" a nuclear reconnaissance balloon, but the Air Force didn't want the public to know much about their spy capabilities either. Many of the alleged UFO sightings around the base were known by Air Force officials to be U2 test flights, which flummoxed hobby and commercial pilots because they flew so high above regular air traffic, according to declassified CIA history.