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Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide - Second Edition 2nd .. Publishing - ebooks Account; 2nd Revised ed. edition (December 24, ). Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide [Paul Swartout] on Amazon. com. Guide: Start your journey to successful adoption of CD and DevOps, 3rd Edition .. The second idea is that you should gather the key players of your.

Kiran Khullar. Anurag Verma. Jishnu Datta. Jonathan Selvam. This year, it became clear that the battle of ideas is over: The DevOps evangelists have won, and DevOps is here to stay. According to a DBmaestro study, more than 80 percent of organizations have adopted DevOps to some degree, but only 30 percent have done so across their entire organization. Electric Cloud is making available a software-as-a-service SaaS pricing option available for its ElectricFlow application release management and continuous delivery CD platform.

In addition, version 8. ElectricFlow now includes a Kanban-style pipeline view, object tagging for custom reporting and enhanced searchability, and CI dashboarding capabilities to track and analyze build processes, failures and successes. ElectricFlow SaaS allows DevOps teams of all sizes to get up and running without incurring on-premise implementation costs, and gives teams developing cloud-native or serverless applications a way to keep all their development pipelines and tools in the cloud.

Most enterprises also have on-premise assets that they need to manage. ElectricFlow SaaS seamlessly connects to on-premise servers and tools to enable deployment automation, pipeline and environment management, and release orchestration inside and outside of the firewall. Connected directly to the automation and orchestration, users can approve and observe release progress with real-time pipeline and application deployment status. There are many tools and ways of doing DevOps. Electric Cloud wants to make sure businesses have the flexibility to use the tools and processes that work best for them in its latest release of its enterprise SaaS and on-premises Application Release Orchestration solution ElectricFlow.

ElectricFlow 8. Application release automation solutions combine the capabilities of deployment automation, modeling environment management, and release coordination. Application release automation solutions help firms in deploying software consistently. Application release automation tools aids in deploying applications using structured release automation techniques. ARA tools are the amalgamation of workload automation and release management tools as both are related to releasing packages and movement through environment within the software development delivery process pipeline.

ARA solutions help in regulating deployments and the process to create and deploy environments and releases. Application release automation tools help in faster and reliable delivery of software, and it also accelerates changes and minimizes delivery delays of software. Agile application life cycle management refers to the process of using or complementing agile development techniques within application life cycle management. The report also creates a clear picture of the various factors that will drive the global Agile Application Life-Cycle Management market in the years to come.

In order to help companies spot potential threats and to give them a clear picture of the opportunities that exist in the Agile Application Life-Cycle Management market, the report offers a SWOT analysis of the global market. For the purpose of the study, market analysts have employed rigorous primary and secondary research techniques.

This makes the analyses and forecasts more accurate and helps analysts to examine the Agile Application Life-Cycle Management market from a broader perspective. Torsten Volk EMA and Anders conclude the still experimental character of the discipline without denying the tremendous potential and opportunity we can derive from AI today and in future. To unpack the mystery, I reached out to Jayne Groll, CEO of The DevOps Institute, which recently launched a new survey to help companies better understand both the current and future state of DevOps training and cross-training across the global IT community.

It has even led some organizations to outsource their entire team to manage the glut of scripts that have been developed over the course of time. Sunil Mavadia, global head of customer journey at Electric Cloud, and Thomas Stocker, director of product management at Tricentis, walked through best practices to follow to avoid the scriptocalypse. Here are some takeaways from their discussion. Fortnite players have plenty to teach agile and DevOps teams.

Produced by IT Revolution and founding partner Electric Cloud, the summit brings together the top thought leaders in the DevOps space for three days of practical and provocative sessions. More than 1, IT professionals are expected to attend, according to conference organizers. Software evaluation can be a lengthy process, especially with both open source and commercial options. Functionality and support can help you form a short list of possibilities. EMA research has found that AI and ML is the number one strategic enterprise IT investment priority in , followed closely by container management and orchestration, and DevOps pipeline automation.

At the same time, most enterprises are still struggling to understand the basics of how to successfully evaluate AI and ML solutions, how to put project performance metrics in place, and how to handle key limitations of AI and ML technologies today. You know you want to scale with a model-driven process. So how do you make it work? Start with these best practices for governance, reusability and application release orchestration.

Electric Cloud is a leader in enterprise Continuous Delivery and DevOps automation, helping organizations deliver better software faster by automating and accelerating build, test and deployment processes at scale. Created in partnership with the DevOps Institute, the program allows Electric Cloud users to access on-demand training at their convenience and desired pace. Electric Cloud created ECU to augment traditional classroom training and to provide users with the flexibility to take the training when they need it. While organizations can still choose to have in-person training, ECU courses are also available in an online, self-paced learning management system LMS.

The ECU curriculum covers topics like DevOps Foundations, as well as pipeline and environment management, release orchestration, deployment automation, and build and test cycle acceleration. The prime objective of Global DevOps Market report is to help the user understand the market in terms of its definition, segmentation, market potential, influential trends, and the challenges that the market is facing. Deep researches and analysis were done during the preparation of the report. The readers will find global devops market report very helpful in understanding the market in depth.

The data and the information regarding the market are taken from reliable sources such as websites, annual reports of the companies, journals, and others and were checked and validated by the industry experts. The facts and data are represented in the report using diagrams, graphs, pie charts, and other pictorial representations.

Global DevOps Market report enhances the visual representation and also helps in understanding the facts much better. As our customers continue to make big bets on DevOps, we help them safely adapt to, and take advantage of, the massive and continual technological shifts underway.

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We work hard every day to empower our customers to transform software releases from a chore into a true competitive advantage. DevOps and continuous delivery can look daunting, especially when organizations just start out. In this episode, we discussed an emerging conference theme of next-gen operations and infrastructure. Enterprises should look at DevOps as a company-wide transformation, rather than just a means for facilitating digital transformation.

ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight aims at applying machine language to gargantuan amounts of data that are generated by myriad tools. It then prepares a risk score metric and that helps in the prediction of outcomes of releases prior to production. It will take predictive analytics to yet another level giving recommendations to improve pipelines based on code complexity influence, developer influence and a lot more.

The DevOps movement is nearing its 10th anniversary. DevOps skills are in increasingly high demand as organizations realize that digital transformation requires the speed, agility, and efficiency that come with DevOps. We recently shared some strategies for sniffing out DevOps fakers in your recruiting and hiring.

By DevOps fakers, we mean candidates whose qualifications for a DevOps role might be more hype than substance. Or maybe they even balk at the talk. Unless the data center floods or a digger cuts a network cable, incident management takes place via software tools. The quality of these tools determines how quickly work can resume. Heuristics make automation smarter and responsive to changes in the IT environment. The base year considered for this study is and the forecast period is — With the increasing penetration of IT automation and related technologies, such as big data and serverless architecture, the demand for ARA tool and services among enterprises is expected to grow significantly.

Mainframe automation tools are nascent, and many mainframe experts are reluctant to embrace DevOps. But large enterprises must address legacy platforms to realize app delivery goals. Want to lead your DevOps team to new heights? IT leaders and DevOps experts share steps to take in the realms of talent, measurement, vision, and IT culture.

A healthy toolchain can adapt to accommodate both changes in team preference, application architecture, quality processes. All kinds of other technology shifts are happening every other day for most of the people we work with. So, learn how a healthy toolchain helps teams gain improved visibility and control, as well as substantial improvements in collaboration and release cadence. Wrap-up from a great podcast hosted by Electric Cloud in partnership with DZone with a round-table discussion on the importance of a healthy DevOps toolchain.

IT leaders share 7 tips on weeding out DevOps job candidates who may be more hype than substance. Late last month San Jose, Calif. ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight is able to generate a risk score metric that predicts the probable outcome of a release before being deployed in a production environment. Based on that score, he said, a DevOps team can decide to go ahead and deploy that code or hold it back for further testing.

ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight uses deep learning to identify patterns in release pipelines, gauge the likelihood of software release success and make recommendations in order to incrementally improve pipeline performance and application quality. DevOps Foresight applies machine learning ML algorithms to the massive amounts of data generated by toolchains to develop a risk score that predicts the outcome of releases before they go to production. Taking predictive analytics even further, it also provides key recommendations on how to improve pipelines based on developer influence, code complexity influence etc.

The firm this month brings forth its ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight product as a piece of software designed to apply machine learning algorithms to the massive amounts of data generated by tool chains. The ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight is a predictive analytics solution designed to detect patterns in release pipelines, predict the likelihood of a software release success, and provide recommendations. If the score is high, DevOps teams can look at those profiles to determine what, specifically within those profiles, is driving up the risk.

Taking the predictive analytics concept further, DevOps Foresight also has the ability to demonstrate to software production managers where they need to improve pipelines. This is based on factors like developer influence and the code complexity. Now, bottlenecks and inefficiencies throughout the software delivery process are easier to find and correct. DevOps Foresight applies machine learning algorithms to the massive amounts of data generated by tool chains to develop a risk score metric that predicts the outcomes of releases before they head into production.

Taking predictive analytics even further, it will also…. The ability to understand resource allocation for new and complex application and environment requirements also helps ensure the best path toward successful software releases. Organisations are rightly focused on the need to meet customer demands for instant access to their services. Technology acceptance means that customer expectations have soared. They want to use any and every device at their disposal, switching between them at will, yet still expect a seamless service.

Each, in my experience so far, is looking to address some of the key IT delivery challenges of our time — namely, how to deliver services and applications at a pace that keeps up with the rate of technology change? One such organisation is Electric Cloud. Avantika Mathur, product manager at Electric Cloud, spoke at Continuous Lifecycle London last month on the costs associated with an ever increasing number of scripts in a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Besides the maintenance cost, the lack of visibility and auditability on exactly what activities are being carried out before deploying a change to production is another major cost not many organizations are aware of.

Implementing DevOps with Ansible 2

Solving this problem requires first recognizing the issues and establishing guiding principles for a new approach to pipeline orchestration. Mathur recommends these principles as a starting point…. Almost three years ago, TechBeacon compiled a list of the top DevOps leaders, practitioners, and experts to follow on social media.

Since then, many new luminaries and new topics have emerged, and the article was in need of an update. Their primary goal is entering X and checking that the outcome is Y and not Z. DOES London boasts an incredible lineup of speakers and presenters. Make that automation general, and shareable, and be sure that your team has implemented that automation with discipline and security in mind. Part 2 covers DevOps and development. Updates include improvements to the release portfolio view, SmartMap Topology view, microservices discovery and container lift-and-shift for legacy worloads.

Did you know the average age of the top four banks is years old? And those four banks are the end result of merging or acquiring 35 separate companies over the last 40 years? Join Chris Nowak, Principal at FlowStates, and Avantika Mathur, ElectricFlow Product Manager, as they share hard-won lessons and emerging patterns in DevOps and release orchestration that can help any regulated organizations climb out of scripting hell.

In a recent episode of the Continuous Discussions c9d9 podcast, a group of industry experts discussed why DevSecOps is officially more than just a buzzword, tips on how to get everyone in the organization to own security and some of their own challenges and experiences baking security into the software delivery pipeline. To gather insights on the current and future state of containers, we talked to executives from 26 companies. IT exists to serve the business, but that relationship must be fully reciprocal. But more importantly, our speaker lineup has a solid grounding in putting the newest ideas to work in traditional companies and industries.

Determining what to measure is only one part of the challenge, however. How do you know whether your DevOps strategy is working? Which metrics should you use to track performance? Anders Wallgren was one of the many presenters at the show, and he spoke well of the effort to bring people from so many walks of IT together.

His talk on DevOps best practices received specific praise at the end of the day from the audience and will the subject of a breakout article in the very near future! Constructing a plan for working with multiple cloud providers? Unfortunately, measurement and data collection methods easily become time consuming — in a world where DevOps is pushing speed — and, as a result, cycle and response times may suffer. The good news is that there are ways to turn metrics into action that will optimize the deployment pipeline to produce real-time results.

Automation is used in many areas of IT, from test and build automation on the developer side to automating steps in IT operations. Yet some fear remains. This type of mindset effectively kills the growth of soft skills long before they get a chance to bloom. It highlights the challenges associated with scaling DevOps in the enterprise and, more particularly, how to address the challenges associated with the human factors in IT.

Wallgren also details how Electric Cloud is powering continuous delivery and, thus, helping businesses and teams deliver better software faster. The good news here is that start-ups like Electric Cloud, as well as established enterprise software vendors have introduced pipeline automation tools. To gather insights on the state of DevOps, we spoke with 22 executives at 19 companies implementing DevOps for themselves and helping clients to implement a DevOps methodology. Agile methodologies originated mainly at smaller companies as a way of getting development teams to work more efficiently.

Enterprises began hopping aboard with the emergence of DevOps, which added automation — along with IT and operations teams — to the mix. CIOs are likely to be focusing on metrics and, most importantly, how to facilitate an integrated approach to accessing multiple data sources so that multiple stakeholders technical and leadership alike can drill down into the analytics and determine key performance indicators at various levels of the business.

We talked about our predictions for DevOps in as well as our resolutions. Businesses in all industries deal with consumer demand for software experiences that are both easy to use and attractive. Few sectors deal with these requirements more than financial services. No matter what stage you are in with your DevOps transformation, you need to continue work on your DevOps strategies. Here are seven ways to turn your organization into a digital attacker. John has now done multiple DevOps transformations, so has some good experiences to share.

Gary gives us an update on his latest insights on DevOps and also a new workshop that Electric Cloud is sponsoring with Gary teaching and leading it. Kudos to Electric Cloud for running this workshop. Wesley is a knowledgeable expert on DevOps but also great at explaining things in a way every one can understand. Check out what he had to say about DOES this year. Anders has a great grasp of the DevOps market and always offers keen insights into where the things are and where they are going.

He shares some of this with us here. Electric Cloud announced a new version of its flagship ElectricFlow DevOps Automation platform, which includes enhanced capabilities to better manage, deliver and report on applications in both microservices and zOS mainframe environments. To gather insights on the state of DevOps, DZone spoke with 22 executives at 19 companies implementing DevOps for themselves and helping clients to implement a DevOps methodology. DOES17 will offer a report card on how the development methodology is faring in the enterprise.

The future of DevOps products will be AI-driven. You have to create space for developers and operations teams to work. That means, in some cases, physical space if possible. Sometimes it means temporal space — ChatOps for example are great for that. And also emotional space — so they feel safe to collaborate on these changes. A good way to achieve this alignment and collaboration is through the creation of shared goals and metrics. Metrics themselves are a form of culture and a form of communication.

Best Books To learn Docker and Ansible Automation

Traditionally, DevOps has been viewed as a risk by information security teams, with its increased velocity of software releases seen as a threat to governance, security, and regulatory controls. During the discussion, the speakers shared some of their recent DevOps transformation stories and a bit about what to expect during their talks at the conference. Containers are amazing things — seriously.

They speed up software deployment, which is critical in an era where good software makes winners and bad software makes losers. DevOps Insight provides teams with automated data collection and powerful reporting to connect DevOps toolchain metrics and performance back to the milestones and business value features, user stories being delivered in every release. In light of the recent Equifax breach, Kim and the speakers dissected the situation and discussed the technical leadership lessons learned while offering their own expert advice for handling crisis situations.

A look at how to do DevOps right. How can you tell if a DevOps initiative is successful? What do teams need in order to collect and view information from DevOps tools along the pipeline and how can we make the process easier? We talked with Anders Wallgren, Chief Technology Officer at Electric Cloud about how to simplify the process, how important are well-defined metrics to the success of a DevOps strategy and more.

Electric Cloud recently released version 8. This latest release includes many new features, but the focus of this article will be the ability to retry tasks and stages from a failed pipeline and why this is a very useful feature. Steve Brodie talks about how to create a simple, repeatable way to collect and view information from any DevOps tool along the pipeline in the context of a single release, and deliver metrics that provide real business value. As companies mature in their adoption of DevOps, many are discovering a critical key to on-going improvements: Metrics — deep, varied, correlated and quickly discernable.

We all know when a build breaks, we have great systems on the AppDev side to notify the source of the breaks and project management of the issue. But as has traditionally been the case within IT, getting that information out to business leaders who have an interest in the application is spotty, at best. Electric Cloud has a similar offering in the Windows DevOps tools arena, called ElectricAccelerator, which automatically parses legacy apps into distributed form and speeds up dev and test. Trying too gather all the data needed to update these complex apps has been likened to drinking from a firehouse.

Performing that action without drowning requires some additional control. This is what Electric Cloud seeks to provide. Speed and stability are the keys to unlocking high-performing DevOps capabilities. Loosely coupled, microservice-oriented architecture helps you achieve both. What would a DevOps conference be without Electric Cloud. And where there is Electric Cloud there is usually Sam Fell. Sam shares his always insightful observations with here from Jenkins World. This new addition to the family pulls a lot of the metadata and analytics we get as a side effect of automating the software pipeline—building, testing, deployments, security validations, etc.

It takes those analytics and racks them up onto fully customizable dashboards. Manual data collection, the lack of consistent metric reporting and other ad-hoc analysis techniques and tools made it difficult for us to report on release payload and status quickly, accurately, and consistently. This new solution provides teams with automated data collection and reporting to connect DevOps toolchain metrics and performance.

It also provides visibility back into the business value and health or status of software releases. If you are going to use Ubuntu, use the published machine instance. How do you measure a successful DevOps adoption? Automation makes security more attainable because it removes some of the human investment required for each step and eliminates the possibility of human error at specific steps in the process.

Artificial intelligence, while still nascent in its capabilities, is increasingly automating many common coordination tasks. Each episode in Continuous Discussions focuses on a different topic related to your software delivery pipeline, and features different speakers from the DevOps community who get together for a lively, casual, video chat, to share their expertise, best practices, and to learn from peers.

Early Bird pricing has been extended through August 15, offering a 20 percent discounted rate on tickets. We pulled out the top five tips and tricks from Kim and Wallgren for making deployment worries a thing of the past. What are some of the key KPIs and best practices for determining the business value of your DevOps transformation? Where should you focus on next on your path of Continuous Improvement? Approximately industry professionals, including past Board members, are expected to attend to celebrate this significant milestone.

Steve Brodie, CEO of DevOps automation software supplier Electric Cloud, assesses where DevOps is going, how the technologies underpinning it will evolve over time, and how enterprises should respond and adapt their approach according. Breaking down your vision into demonstrable milestones and smaller tasks will help you realize success faster and celebrate those successes. In addition, it allows you to optimize your efforts as you iterate on the process…. Livecasting with samueldfell from electriccloud at VelocityConf in San Jose.

Talk devops cd oldschooltech GoLi. Electric Cloud is widely regarded as a leader in DevOps automation and continuous delivery and they have just announced a new version of ElectricFlow, providing a new, programmatic way for Developers to onboard applications. It simplifies the way deployments are run for Operations teams, and provides visibility into deployments and releases across any DevOps toolchain. Electric Cloud announced a new version of ElectricFlow that provides a new, programmatic way for Developers to onboard applications, simplifies the way deployments are run for Operations teams, and provides visibility into deployments and releases across any DevOps toolchain.

Teams can then customize or add to this catalog to create a shared repository of approved, reusable automation. What are some of the key KPIs and best practices for determining the business value of your DevOps transformation, and where you should focus on next on your path of Continuous Improvement? Electric Cloud CEO Steve Brodie also zones in on automation and says that the key takeaways here emphasize the power of automation and the critical importance of helping teams connect the dots between business metrics and the underlying tools and processes.

With substantial growth in attendance from the first year, in , the buzz around the show was palpable. And, what a location! Hosted by Sam Fell, Continuous Discussions functions on the panel — four or five guests all discussing the topic of the episode. This brings more value to the discussions and more perspectives. These signings from the company continue a tradition of investing in — and listening to — the DevOps community. Do not attempt to force developers to use one set of basic tools, but do ensure that the right overarching tools pull everything together as needed.

Tools such as Electric Cloud then enable greater process automation through to operations in production, and also build in feedback loops for developers and app owners. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in a video podcast hosted by Electric Cloud on the subject of Organizational Design and DevOps. The podcast was part of Continuous Discussions c9d9 —a community podcast series dedicated to all-things Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Even when an IT organization has achieved some level of DevOps maturity, the complexity associated with managing microservices at scale will prove overwhelming for most. Looking to fill that void, Electric Cloud this week updated ElectricFlow, a framework for automating the management of DevOps processes to deploy a variety of container orchestration engines via a single click. ElectricFlow provides the broadest support of the leading technologies in the Containers ecosystem. DevOps teams can now easily deploy to different environments or port their applications between different platforms, without having to invest a lot of work in learning new API integrations or rewriting complex scripting to re-purpose their deployment or release processes to fit a new environment or tool.

ElectricFlow provides broad support for the leading technologies in the Containers ecosystem. DevOps teams can now deploy to different environments or port their applications between different platforms, without having to invest a lot of work in learning new API integrations or rewriting complex scripting to re-purpose their deployment or release processes to fit a new environment or tool. Electric Cloud announced a new version of ElectricFlow that makes it easier for developers to get started with the free Community Edition using Docker, and also deploy to a myriad of Container orchestration solutions and platforms, with just one click.

Electric Cloud is bringing built-in container and microservices support in the latest release of its DevOps release automation solution. The study of Agile Application Life-Cycle Management industry is very important to enhance business productivity and for the study of market forecast. In the world of Continuous Integration and Deployment, there are countless tools. Here is a list of 21 of them that you must know. One of the biggest advantages with microservices is that you are not beholden to a single release cycle to make the improvements needed to one or more parts of a system.

You do not have to deploy everything together. Nowadays, just about every business is a software business. Software is considered the main driver for innovation and disruption across markets.

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To keep up with the competition, large enterprises need to continually deliver better software, faster. As the hype surrounding multi-cloud infrastructure continues to grow, what do enterprises need to do to make the model work for them? The company is one of the more mature DevOps providers now benefiting from more mainstream enterprise adoption of release automation and DevOps technology. Even though IT teams strive for uptime, system downtime remains a harsh reality.

Combat that risk with the right mix of automation, orchestration and security tools. The integration allows users to detect performance issues earlier in the lifecycle, have faster remediation and recovery, and prevent outages with automated policy-based rollback and self-healing. These enhance product quality and customer experience and give Operations confidence in the Release and environments and deployments fidelity. Electric Cloud and Dynatrace have announced a partnership enabling organizations to uncover end user, performance and operational cost impacting issues in cloud environments and enterprise software much earlier in the delivery pipeline.

The new bi-directional integration enables closed feedback loop between DevOps and Release pipelines and environments in ElectricFlow and Dynatrace. The new bi-directional integration is the first of its kind — enabling closed feedback loop between DevOps and Release pipelines and environments in ElectricFlow and Dynatrace.

Electric Cloud announced a partnership with Dynatrace enabling organizations to uncover end user, performance and operational cost impacting issues in cloud environments and enterprise software much earlier in the delivery pipeline. Learn why containers and microservices go well together?

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What are the challenges of each, separately, and together? What do you need to know in order to take advantage of the benefits they offer? I work alongside team members in product management, engineering leadership, and in partnership with solution engineers in the field, as well as customers. As a new year begins, we often take some time to reflect on the previous year and look ahead at what is to come. Suffice to say, was a momentous year for software delivery in the enterprise.

DevOps adoptions matured greatly and, at conferences worldwide, industry leaders were eager to share their experience and expertise. As the year draws to a close, we look towards the future and the emerging trends that are set to shape the world of software delivery for and beyond. Much and we mean much, a lot, really loads in fact has been written about that most famous technology portmanteau of all DevOps as the coming together of Developer concerns with the Operations functions from sysadmins to DBAs and onward that support our programmers.

But should DevOps have really been called OpsDev to embody the foundational architectural needs of our systems in the first instance? What does DevOps mean and what about Agile? Electric Cloud recently hosted a live, online video podcast featuring notable DevOps luminaries discussing their own reflections and conjectures. This article highlights 16 different insights from our discussion with these great minds in DevOps. As comes into focus, we find ourselves reflecting on the advancements made in the world of DevOps during this past year, the challenges still to overcome, and some of the trends that will shape the software delivery industry in the year s to come.

Loosely coupled with high cohesion, microservices are the application embodiment of DevOps principles. In his session at 19th Cloud Expo, Anders Wallgren, CTO at Electric Cloud, discussed some off the challenges and shared tips and best practices used by IoT developers to streamline and accelerate their product design, development, test and manufacturing.

The team at Electric Cloud — maker of ElectricFlow, a release automation solution — set out to make release management more accessible, not just for release managers at huge enterprises, but also for ordinary developers and team leaders who want to better understand how software delivery should be done.

Afterwards he spoke to InfoQ about the talk and the state of DevOps in general. Culture is going to truly be recognized as a DevOps differentiator. Enterprises sometimes use the same orchestration platform, or a lot of the same tools, but the outcomes are radically different. The differentiator usually comes down to culture. DevOps and continuous delivery are all the rage.

But as with most things, DevOps is relatively easy to adopt initially — and exceedingly difficult to maintain at scale. Continuous Testing will be a big part of DevOps 3. Companies adopting DevOps will need to improve their ability to test and perform test automation. As part of that, test acceleration will be a key area of investment — as you start getting more and more automated test suites.

To gather insights on the state of cloud development and deployment today, DZone spoke with 15 executives that develop tools and services for companies to develop in, and deploy to, the cloud. This Guide offers a deeper look into challenges and solutions for implementing secure practices. To gather insights on the state of application and data security, we spoke with 19 executives who are involved in application and data security for their clients.

That will enable DevOps teams to be more agile. But the introduction of microservices also adds complexity during the production process, because it can difficult for developers to know which versions of these modules will work with the rest of their environments.

Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment - DevOps Methodology - Devops Training - Edureka

Late nights and weekends were bad for employee morale and releases may take several weeks. We created a backbone of automation to get internal customers on board. After they saw the reduction in the build, test and deployment there was a line out the door from all the other team that wanted to implement the automated methodology.

The ElectricFlow 7. People involves culture and change. DevOps release automation provider, Electric Cloud, has announced a new version of its ElectricFlow solution. The new version would allow enterprises to safely deploy Microservices and Containers at scale in large, enterprise environments. In this chat we talk about pipelines, containers, microservices, cloud and how Electric Cloud helps companies to build pipelines in a technology and cloud agnostic way — including Dynatrace as one of the tools in the DevOps Toolchain to provide key metrics for the automated feedback loop.

Trace 3 is a partner of Electric Cloud. They share about Trace 3 and how they help organizations with their DevOps transformations. We spoke to them about what their presentations were on and their DOES experience.

Great conversation on DevOps. Between divestitures and mergers there is a fluid situation at HPE right now and ChatOps has become a great tool for communications between different teams and even different organizations. Written in Node. It aspires to be an automated assistant, like Cortana or Siri, but for interacting with IT services. By now you no doubt understand the advantages of using a microservices architecture, especially in greenfield applications, and in new organizations that need to achieve efficiencies wherever they can. But what about your legacy code and applications?

Do you totally rewrite the monolith, or do you chip away at it with new functionalities, added as microservices, over time? Electric Cloud is updating its DevOps release automation tool to allow enterprises to safely deploy containers and microservices at scale. ElectricFlow represents the first end-to-end DevOps Release Automation platform to let Developer, QA and Operations personnel deploy micro services to their preferred container infrastructure or cluster manager solution. ElectricFlow easily and safely manages containers and microservices throughout the software delivery lifecycle to support legacy or traditional monolithic applications, hybrid data centers and clouds, and large-scale infrastructure requirements.

Electric Cloud announced a new version of ElectricFlow that allows enterprises to safely deploy microservices and containers at scale in large, enterprise environments.

Continuous Delivery and Devops - A QuickStart Guide - Third Edition

ElectricFlow represents the first end-to-end DevOps Release Automation platform to let Developer, QA and Operations personnel deploy microservices to their preferred container infrastructure or cluster manager solution such as Google Container Engine, Amazon Container Service, or Kubernetes without requiring any knowledge about the underlying integrations.

Otherwise, people are only seeing their piece of the issue. During that event, guests were asked a question that elicited such valuable answers that we need to share it with you here. Electric Cloud and Trace3 announced a strategic business partnership to help meet the increasing demands for DevOps in large, complex organizations. This will streamline communication and feedback loops, and have them more easily collaborate towards a shared goal.

Company representatives will discuss the latest trends in DevOps, as well as best practices for implementing Docker and microservices at scale, automation techniques, database deployment strategies, and more. Steve Brodie , CEO of Electric Cloud , a DevOps release automation company, feels that continuous learning is a key contributor to the success of organizations that have evolved their work methods towards a DevOps methodology.

DOES16 organizers will be hosting two live video chats on:. Tuesday, Oct. DevOps is a discipline filled with useful open source tools. Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps Release Automation, and cPrime, a global provider of software services for Agile-based organizations, today announced a partnership to help enterprise IT organizations better align tools, processes and services for DevOps success in the enterprise.

To gather insights on the state of application and data security, DZone spoke with 19 executives who are involved in application and data security for their clients. Deployment frequency, development lead time, MTTR, MTBF, code coverage, cycle time — these metrics, like all metrics, can be absolutely key or utterly meaningless.

Ask how to use these metrics to deliver better software, faster. Electric Cloud expanded its leadership team to build upon its growing success in the DevOps and Continuous Delivery marketplace. These events feature DevOps and IT experts who will share best practices and insights for adopting DevOps in the enterprise.

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I would like to add The Phoenix Project to it :. You will be guided through the various stages of adoption, the impact they will have on your business and those working within it, how to overcome common problems, and what to do once CD and DevOps have become truly embedded. Implementing DevOps with Ansible 2. Analyst Workbenches examines various aspects of analyst workbenches and the tasks and data that they should support. Samara Lynn. Therefore, this book is ideal for developers, operations managers, and IT professionals who would like to learn about Docker and use it to build and deploy container-based apps authored by Jeeva S. Next, you will learn how to monitor code for any anomalies and make sure it's running properly.

Electric Cloud has expanded its leadership team to build upon its growth in the devops and continuous delivery marketplace. New additions to the leadership team include Tom Frederick, board member; John Giannitsis, chief revenue officer; and Carmine Napolitano, chief financial officer. There are troves of resources available to help companies begin or continuously improve along their DevOps journey. What are the top considerations for leveraging OpenStack as part of your software delivery pipeline?

We recently hosted another episode of the Continuous Discussion c9d9 podcast- this time discussing DevOps practices for non-web apps, such as IoT, embedded software and Hardware manufacturing. Behind all the horsepower and sheet metal of the production line, car manufacturers also employ numerous software applications and tools from various vendors as part of their business.

One such organisation in the automotive industry that you may not have heard of is Detroit-based Urban Science — a company that is changing the way the car industry does business. You can listen to the full interview here. But how do you know if you are doing it right? Developers, end users, investors, analysts and the competition were all eager to learn what Apple had in mind to maintain its leadership and market share at the recent WWDC in San Francisco. But there was a common theme that recurred throughout many sessions: user experience.

The smart initiative allows IT to implement mission-critical applications and effectively avoid service interruptions. Electric Cloud has promised a raft of new deployment options in the latest release of its application deployment platform as it looks to bring the joy of DevOps to even the most crusty and sprawling customers. Easy access to rolling and other advanced deployment patterns makes large-scale, mission-critical application releases safe, reliable and repeatable throughout the entire lifecycle. With continuous delivery, good enough makes things better for business.

Electric Cloud wants to give DevOps teams the ability to do zero-downtime deployments. The company announced the latest version of its end-to-end DevOps platform, ElectricFlow, with push-button support for advanced deployments. Learn from the insights of 32 executives who were interviewed by senior editor Matt Warner for the state of IoT and where it will grow from here. Around plus people attended and I was fortunate to speak and share ideas with many like-minded technology leaders. Another indicator of how successful an organization will be depends on the type of organization it is, according to Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud.

He believes the most effective organizations adopting agile and DevOps are generative learning organizations because they listen to problems and act accordingly.

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The pleasing harmony of structural elements, supporting elements, their positioning, their dimensions, their alignment, their hierarchy, their context and their color palette, all have long been the distinction of the skilled designer who brings the human intangible of aesthetic. When managing IT organizations and steering digital transformation in the enterprise, technology leaders need to support proper use of both OSS and commercial technologies as part of their toolchain, while putting the right systems in place to enable enterprise-scale, governance and security.

DevOps emerged to help organizations improve their software delivery and better address the challenges put on IT by the Business to accelerate software releases. Twenty years ago services were siloed by dept, whereas today we are seeing companies setting up shared services. Electric Cloud steps in, creates an automation pipeline, and in doing so provides a scalable shared service that offers visibility. From defense contractor Raytheon to the US Army, from software company Electric Cloud to consumer business Hallmark Cards, attendees had the opportunity to listen and learn how these organizations are building and deploying IoT strategies.

Recently, Amy DeMartine, senior analyst at research leader Forrester, and Wesley Pullen, general manager and vice president of Deployment Solutions at Electric Cloud, participated in a discussion to answer these questions and discuss how to orchestrate the DevOps tool chain, how to approach application release automation, and how DevOps fits in the greater scheme of compliance and auditability.

For folks just beginning their DevOps journey—and IT pros who have been walking the walk for years—there were some great takeaways from their discussion. Financial services organizations face great challenges in meeting the new standards set by the unicorns. In addition to legacy systems and code, they face concerns around mitigating risk for better security, complying with regulations, and meeting governance requirements, all of which make software innovation a complex and slow process.

Or so you would think. Coursera is an educational platform that partners with top universities and organizations around the world to offer online courses in a range of disciplines. We need to be aware of the fact that each part of the development team embedded, backend and mobile uses different technologies, tools, stacks, deployment patterns and delivery practices in their work.

Their day-to-day tasks and workflows are different. He covers the benefits, risks, and best paths to success if you want to make your company faster and more effective. More than 3, nominations were reviewed by judges this year and honor the achievements of U. IT Revolution and its founding partner Electric Cloud are proud to announce the first round of subject matter experts confirmed to present this year.

Marc spoke with Tech Target on the current state of IT Ops — and how as companies increasingly seek full-stack developers, IT operations must find new ways to add value and remain relevant. New features give enterprises an easier way to scale DevOps initiatives across projects and teams with end-to-end automation, cross-functional visibility and consistent processes. Managing the multitude of software releases the enterprise needs to support can feel a lot like drowning in release pipelines. This is the second in a series of stories previewing sessions of importance to cloud application developers at the Cloud Expo conference, which takes place June 7 to 9, , at the Javits Center in New York.

Anders Wallgren reviews four questions every development or QA team should consider when planning their testing, as they try to balance quality with speed—managing and accelerating their testing, while ensuring a reasonable time-to-market. These are interesting times to be in the business of software innovation! It spans the entire organization and comprises all the different stakeholders, teams, processes, tools, and environments involved in your software delivery. This is how your organization delivers value to the market. The maturity, speed, and quality of your software release processes have become a key differentiator and a competitive advantage for businesses today. We see large enterprises wrestle with striking a balance to allow this choice while also retaining a level of management, visibility, and governance over all the technologies used in the software delivery lifecycle.