Johnsons Life of London: The People Who Made the City That Made the World

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The Anglo-Saxons "were called names like Cathwulf and Ceawlin and, let's face it, folks or volks , they were essentially German". Largely relying, as he disarmingly admits, on Stephen Inwood's excellent history of London, Boris rewrites the key moments in Borisese.

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Of course, as many people will have recognised, "with his bawdy, his mockery, his self-mockery, his pricking of hypocrisy and his terrible puns we love him". Geoffrey Chaucer, that is.

As the thumbnail sketches accumulate, we come to realise just how like Boris all the London heroes have been. Take Dick Whittington. Dream on, Boris, as you look back on the banquets Whittington gave for the King. The wenches were as comely and as fragrant as any in late medieval London. A few pages on, and we are in the company of John Wilkes. Boris confesses: "I have a terrible feeling that as a year-old I wrote a pompous essay on Wilkes the gist was that Wilkes was a berk, a second-rate chancer, an opportunist, an unprincipled demagogue who floated like a glittering bubble on a wave of popular sentiment" No one is ever going to be unkind enough to apply those words to our Mayor.

Think of Wilkes, who began as a hack on the Telegraph - sorry, who began as "a larrikin scribbler and man about town" - but became a person who spoke not merely for London but for England.

No, sorry, I made that bit up - but the likenesses between Boris and the great 18th-century champion of liberty stare us in the face. Mrs Lynn Linton even said that he 'exuded semen through the skin', whatever she meant by that". Hasten on to Churchill in his underground Cabinet War Office. Remember that Churchill was distrusted by the leadership of the Conservative Party and was himself a fierce critic of the Prime Minister geddit? Then, in the hour of his nation's need, the former "maverick", hitherto seen as a self-indulgent, upper-class buffoon, was shown to be what Britain and the world needed.

We still love him. Of course we do, Boris. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Please wait Cannabis Debate. Future London. The Londoner. London Calling. Sorry we could not verify that email address. Enter your email below and we'll send you another email. All rights reserved. Loading articles Britain's new top diplomat is shaggy-haired, Latin-spouting Boris Johnson, who in recent months has made insulting and vulgar comments about the presidents of the United States and Turkey. Create a new password.

Boris Johnson Calls London Assembly 'Great Supine Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jellies' - LBC

My profile. Thank you for signing up! Use another account. Almost Done! A A majority of the book is not narrated by Boris. Not complaining, I just think anyone interested in purchasing should be wary of this fact. Jot Davis did a good job, but it would have been better to have one narrator in one audio book, for the sake of coherency I think.

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The exhilarating story of how London came to be one of the most exciting and influential places on earth—from the city's colorful, witty, and well-known mayor. Johnson's Life of London: The People Who Made the City that Made the World [ Boris Johnson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. London is .

B The audiobook is organized I am afraid rather poorly. It is difficult to follow chapter by chapter, as it is NOT indicated by chapter. This is the biggest flaw of this audio-book. By: Boris Johnson. Narrated by: Boris Johnson , Jot Davies. Length: 11 hrs and 43 mins. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary London is special. More from the same Author The Churchill Factor. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews.

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Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Amazon Customer Narration Great book disappointed not totally narrated by Boris Otherwise a great insight into London Enjoy.

Johnson's Life of London by Boris Johnson - review

Aurelio Thoroughly entertaining - history on a human scale One of the joys of reading well-written history is the recognition that people who lived centuries ago were not all that different from people living now, and that many of the great mysteries of the past can be illuminated by asking how people today would react in the same circumstances. Michael Not unless it was really read by Boris What was the most interesting aspect of this story?

Only Boris Any additional comments? So if you are expecting Boris to read his book then don't buy this 5 of 5 people found this review helpful. Daniel Slightly Frustrating A misleading title, somewhat. Oliver Fantastic Boook. Needs more Boris! Knucklebones Bit of a mish-mash - like London itself Some parts are a lot more interesting than others. Thomas J. Nabielec Best read in a longtime. I am now filled with useless but interesting info about my city 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Geoff Kendall Would have preferred author to read whole book Excellent book, and although the second main reader was good, the few chapters Boris read exuded the author's passion for the city in a way someone else could never manage.

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M BeeH A life of Johnson by London! SL Wonderful Thoroughly enjoyed this book.