Minimal surfaces and Teichmuller theory

Teichmuller theory and handle addition for minimal surfaces
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Abstract: The question of estimating the number of minimal surfaces that bound a prescribed contour has been open since Douglas's solution of the Plateau problem in Publication Month and Year: Copyright Year: Page Count: Online ISBN Online ISSN: Primary MSC: 49 ; 53 ; Applied Math? MAA Book? Electronic Media? Apparel or Gift: false.

Online Price 1 Label: List. Online Price 1: Online Price 2: On singular Plateau problem.

Laurent Mazet - Some aspects of minimal surface theory (Part 1)

IV, Contemp. Druel - A decomposition theorem for singular spaces with trivial Contact the organisation. Alberti Giovanni. Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden.

A variational formulation for the Einstein-Maxwell equations. On existence of matter outside a static black hole.

The parameterized Steiner problem and the singular Plateau problem via energy. On a construction of parametrized minimal network. On a Penrose Inequality with Charge. Dual monotonicity formula for harmonic mappings. On the Ranks of Harmonic Maps. Books etc Plain Text.

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new minimal surfaces in E3 by adding handles and planar ends to existing . with some background in Teichmuller theory and minimal surfaces, the two. Teichmuller theoretical methods to construct new minimal surfaces in handles and planar ends to existing minimal surfaces in $\BE^3$.

From Riemann to Differential Geometry and Relativity. Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Kokyuroku Proceedings "Geometry of moduli spaces for low dimensional manifolds. Stationary Einstein equation and harmonic maps. Einstein, Weyl, and five-dimensional blackhole spacetime. On the shapes of domains of outer communication of the 5D Einstein spacetimes. Harmonic maps and the Einstein equation. Einstein equation according to H.

Teichmüller theory and handle addition for minimal surfaces

Weyl and beyond. Penner, Anna Wienhard. Variational aspect of Teichmueller map. On the moduli space of the Cauchy initial data for the Einstein equation.

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  • Riemannian metrics on Teichmüller space.
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Metric geometry on the positive orthant. Convex bodies and geometry of some associated Minkowski functionals.

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Convex bodies in euclidean, spherical, hyperbolic and moduli spaces. Convex geometry on Teichmueller space. How to deform a hyperbolic metric.

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Variational characterizations of the static solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell equation. On a variational characterization of the exact solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equation. On Geometry of Weil-Petersson Funk metric. On Penrose-type inequalities in General Relativity. Variational characterizations of exact solutions of the Einstein equation. Evolving Riemannian metrics toward static solutions of the Einstein equation.

Harmonic Maps between surfaces and Teichmuller theory (Lecture - 2) by Michael Wolf

Kyoto Univ. Convexity associated with the Weil-Petersson geometry.

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On variational characterizations of exact solutions in general relativity. New Finsler structures on Teichmuller Spaces. New Finsler metrics on Teichmuller spaces and their properties. On variational formulation of free boundaries. Teichimuller-Coxeter complex and new Weil-Petersson symmetries. Weil-Petersson synthetic geometry and its symmetric structure. Weil-Petersson geometry of Teichmuller-Coxeter complex. A Variational formulation of free boundary regulaity of singular minimal surfaces. Association Memberships.

Gakushuin-Waseda Geometry Seminar.