Optical properties of semi-conductors (Semi-conductor monographs)

Optical Properties and Band Structure of Semiconductors
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Each chapter contains a useful list of recent citations. This monograph is particularly valuable for researchers; graduate students in physics, materials engineering, optics, or electrical engineering; and industrial engineers. Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate through professional collections. Lambropoulos, Choice, Vol.

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Optical properties of semiconductors, a semiconductor monograph T.S. Moss: General editor C. A. Hogarth. Butterworths Scientific Publications, London, and. OCLC Number: Description: pages ; 23 cm. Series Title: Semi- conductor monographs. Responsibility: [T.S. Moss].

Porous semiconductor materials are finding applications in many areas of science and technology. Porous Semiconductors: Optical Properties and Applications provides an examination of these new types of materials, with an emphasis on optical properties and applications. Beginning with a description of the basic electrochemistry of porous semiconductors and the different kinds of porous semiconductor materials that can be fabricated, the book moves on to describe the fabrication processes used in the production of porous semiconductor optical components.

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This is then followed by a detailed description of peculiar light propagation phenomena. Concluding the text, a number of optical components based on porous semiconductor materials are discussed in depth. The Engineering Materials and Processes series focuses on all forms of materials and the processes used to synthesise and formulate them as they relate to the various engineering disciplines.

Edited by A.V. Narlikar and Y.Y. Fu

Published Date: 1st January Porous semiconductor materials are finding applications in many areas of science and technology. This type of microstructures can be referred to as mesoscopic structures as their size is always larger than the crystal lattice constant but comparable to the de Broglie wavelength of the elementary excitations. Main fields: Avalanche ionization. Plasma and Electron Energy-Loss Phenomena

The series deals with a diverse range of materials: ceramics; metals ferrous and non-ferrous ; semiconductors; composites, polymers, biomimetics etc. Each monograph in the series is written by a specialist and demonstrates how enhancements in materials and the processes associated with them can improve performance in the field of engineering in which they are used.

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Frohlich Interaction in Compound Semiconductors: A Comparative Study

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Frohlich Interaction in Compound Semiconductors: A Comparative Study

Book Porous Semiconductors Kochergin, V. Beginning with a description of the basic electrochemistry of …. Current trends indicate that in the future along with - crowaves, the millimeter ….

Interaction od Photons with Electrons and Holes in a Semiconductor

For …. Book Silver Metallization Adams, D. It gives an overview of product and process development from the analytical standpoint.

Alle Bücher der Reihe Engineering Materials and Processes

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Semiconductor Optics 1

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