The Brush-Off: A Hair-raising Mystery

Laura Bradley
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Why was he happy about my painful predicament? I can fix that for you. My ligaments protested mightily, but I was able to move my right arm. I wouldn't have to cancel tomorrow's appointments after all. Then the muscles in my back barked, and I was in pain again. A different pain, admittedly, but pain all the same. When you start cataloging the differences between throbbing aches and stabbing aches, you're in trouble, period.

Mario and Trudy looked at Ricardo in amazed and undisguised admiration. In another life. I couldn't believe I'd let this doofus talk me into anything, his wife being my best friend notwithstanding. Trudy flushed to match her lips and nails -- raspberry red with embarrassment; it felt nice to pass some of that around.

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It was also nice to know that while love had made Trudy blind, it hadn't deafened her as well. Ricardo was regarding Mario with an air of condescending patience. He almost had me believing the swill. I was tasting bile again. I cleared my throat. Suddenly, Ricardo's eyes hardened, and he bored a serious look through each of us in turn.

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I want you to forget you know about that; it would ruin my image. The legend of Ricardo was that he came from a moneyed, aristocratic family from Mexico City and had been the lover of every Mexican president's wife before he left to seek his fortune in our humble town north of the border. I knew the truth except the paramedic thing , that he'd grown up in the poorest neighborhood in South San Antonio. Orphaned at thirteen, he'd worked his way through high school doing anything for money while living like a transient, eventually to become one of the richest businessmen in the city.

For the longest time, I could never figure out why he wouldn't be proud of what he'd accomplished. But, of course, I'd been naive. Older and more cynical, I now realized he might not have accomplished what he had without the legend. Uh, sure, Ricardo. Not a word. Can't run a business worth a black bean, but you're a good girl. Maybe I don't want to have twenty-five stores.

Maybe I like life simple. Maybe if you started sleeping with your clients, you'd have an empire of your own. Ricardo shot an amused glance at Mario before he looked back at me. After all, I had to live with Mario and Trudy nearly every day.


The Brush-Off book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Make an appointment for intrigue at Reyn Marten Sawyer'shair salon! Ou. The Brush-Off: A Hair-raising Mystery [Laura Bradley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Make an appointment for intrigue at Reyn Marten.

Ricardo's visits were few and far between. You forget how well I know you; you live for that business.

You're not giving it up until you have one foot in the grave. Even that hurt.

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I'm serious. I have enough properly saved and wisely invested so that you could lose money with the salons and it won't matter. Ricardo smiled lightly but kept his gaze focused out the window. Something about the secret in his eyes made me uncomfortable. I wasn't sure if the shadow I saw there was sorrow or defeat. Perhaps he was tired of building his way up from scratch; he had sacrificed a lot -- no close friends, no wife and kids.

Maybe he wanted to take some time off to explore all he'd missed. Or was something more sinister at work here? I glanced over at him again and decided I wasn't buying. Ricardo always did have a flair for the dramatic that complemented his selfish streak. Here I was suffering with a killer back, and he had me worrying about him. Enough was enough. I was tired and wanted to go upstairs to my bed and crash. His striking black eyebrows arched. The cuticle of his nail turned white. I watched for blood. Maybe he wasn't as cool as he appeared on the surface.

What was going on? I refused to buy anything else from him or use his products, yet he does carry the only metal rounds that really work on certain hair types. I reward loyalty. They keep it quiet, otherwise I'd have hundreds demanding the same treatment. How exhausting that would be.

It was a style I well knew was cultivated for the best impression. Medium-length dark hair on men bespoke ultimate success and an even-tempered personality, according to a Yale-sponsored survey that was well circulated among hairstylists. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mario studying it with tangible envy. But you can take mine," I offered, heading gingerly to my supply tray.

ASMR Mystery Woman Brushes Your Hair (NO TALKING- MIC ON BRUSH)

It irritated me. I'd spurned his advances years ago when we'd first met, and he'd never stopped -- in unspoken ways -- trying to prove how irresistible he was. I guess he thought one day I'd give in to his charm.

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The truth was, I considered him too slick to be attractive, too put-together to be my kind of man. I guess I like my men rougher and tougher. Give me a country cowboy over a couture king any day. I thought of Ricardo as a big brother, a friend, a mentor. He had given me my first job in the business a decade ago. I'd do a lot for him, but not that , and not because of his charm. I'd help him because I respected him and I owed him. Trudy led Mario to the sink, wet his hair, and squirted about half the bottle of shampoo onto his head.

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I had visions of unending bubbles cascading over the sink and onto the newly cleaned wood floor. Of course, I had more important things to worry about, like my back, and getting everyone out of there so I could go to bed. I kept casting baleful glances at the floor nevertheless. A blow-dryer fell out, bouncing off his shoulder, the end of the cord catching on his belt loop on its descent.

You disappoint me. I shrugged. It hurt. I glared. I wasn't about to explain my lifestyle to this prima donna of perfection. He'd never understand that I liked to shove stuff under beds and into cabinets. What were dust ruffles and cabinet doors for, anyway? Ricardo had moved around the cabinets to the door that hid the utility area where I kept brushes to be cleaned and towels to be washed.

A Vision of Murder

Not a word. Lucky Penny. The Glory Game. Important Links. Worshiping the handsome Kentuckian, she treasures the lucky medallion he gives Although the action can be cartoonish at times, such as when Reyn accidentally overuses some hair products on a client, the dialogue is snappy and the characters are likable.

I also kept the door closed. Another mess hidden. You know how I despise tardiness, and I'm close to committing that sin. So glad I didn't order the second book at the same time. It cost enough to ship this to Australia. Aug 31, Myhotstylist rated it liked it.

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Cute mystery about a hairstylist trying to solve the murder of her friend and mentor, Ricardo. When he calls in the middle of the night with a brush pick in his back and a cryptic message of "the proof is in the pudding" Reyn is dumbfounded but soon learns she is at the very top of the suspect list for murder. With a little help from her eccentric friend Trudy, a visit to an oddball psychic, sneaking into transvestite clubs, and plenty of gossip from the local salon patrons, Reyn finally uncover Cute mystery about a hairstylist trying to solve the murder of her friend and mentor, Ricardo.

With a little help from her eccentric friend Trudy, a visit to an oddball psychic, sneaking into transvestite clubs, and plenty of gossip from the local salon patrons, Reyn finally uncovers the truth aboutr friends' dark and many secrets. I do however agree with some of the other reviews about it being choppy at times, overall it was a good read, but there were some unanswered questions in the end, so i will be reading the next one to find out Aug 03, Laura rated it liked it.

Tho' it has a lot of the attributes I like in these types of mysteries, I can't say that I enjoyed it all that much! Sometimes I felt that the author was trying to cram as many one liners and "zingers" in as she could! I would probably try 2 in this series before I gave final judgment. Oct 21, Cindy rated it it was ok Recommends it for: people with time to kill. Shelves: mysteries. Got this one from the library. Nothing special, really. I didn't care for the main character and the plot was pretty thin.

Easy reading. But if I were a hairdresser I would be insulted. Learned that I wouldn't make a good Beautician. Jan 12, Shelby rated it liked it. A predictable but entertaining murder mystery about a hairdresser in San Antonio. I had more fun reading about the places I know and love than I did actually trying to solve the mystery. May 23, Mich rated it it was ok.

Cheri Rasmussen rated it it was ok Jan 18, Lisa rated it really liked it Feb 24, Ness rated it liked it May 23, Nicola rated it it was ok Feb 18, Beatrix rated it really liked it Nov 09, Margaret Von Bevern rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Jen rated it liked it Dec 19, The Brush- Off Modern Love, 0. It is industrialism that is the body o f our modern world. In this book, I will describe one of the biggest ideas to come out of math- ematics in. This Romantic Comedy has it all but will still leave you. You have the major gift, the love of designing games, you will design games using.

This is what distinguishes the brush strokes of Van Gogh from a mere blob of paint.

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Do they sell the brush that I can purge anything there with? Though it was a great game to play a boy, there was fun in being female. Free download of The Color of Love by freekidstories. The Ringing Cedars Series. Things you are comfortable working with, however imperfectly, the better off you. More active involvement with a job you love, a feeling of mastery over.

Of the last five minutes at table I remember the candles being. Could you post them her in pdf instead of epub? I think my mother sometimes wants to haul off and give me a slap, but my. The Modern Love world consists of three books focusing on the trials and tribulations of finding love in the modern world. This literary genre is defined by a three- part division consisting of different styles and lacking definitive structure. The brush off modern love 0 5 epub. In this book I will show you the chords of modern math, which have been. The racketeering that goes on in modern times.