Tylenchida : parasites of plants and insects

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Although based on the first edition from the second edition is in fact a new book. This is superficially documented by an additional pages and more than 20 new figures. Detailed diagnoses of more than genera and comprehen-sive lists of species and genera including their synonymies are provided.

The author has re-organized larger parts of the system, introduced new terms and re-established earliersynonymized taxa. Many taxonomists will find themselves at variance with other alterations and only time will tell their validity. The author hasspent considerable eorts on keys to enable readers to identifyspecimens at least to genus level in some economically or typical taxa. Summarizing it must be said that this book is without any doubt a real treasure and an unequalled source of informa-tion on the important nematode order Tylenchida.

The bookcan be highly recommended as a unique reference work for everybody working on plant and insect parasitic nem-atodes. Marcel Dekker, Inc. The book oers an overview of technologies that are drivingthe rapid proliferation of microbial-based pest control, byexamining the state-of-the-art science and technology for thedevelopment, production, mode and mechanism of action, and application of bacterial and viral insecticides, biofungicides,bioherbicides, and mycoinsecticides.

The first part five chapters is exclusively concerned with Bacillus thuringiensis Bt andprovides a comprehensive review of: Bt delta-endo-toxins;Bt-subspecies; products based on genetically modified Bt and on transgenic Bt organisms and Bt plants; formulations ofbacterial insecticides; and insect resistance towards Bt toxins. This part comprehensively covers all aspects of Bt and the improvements that are required, as seen in practice byresearchers and users.

The real potential of these agents for integrated control applications are reviewed, butcould have been discussed a little more critically. In the lastpart a noteworthy overview of the integrated use of biopes- ticides and use with synthetic pesticides is given. Herein the factors that contribute to the ultimate success of biological products eciency, dependability, cost-eectiveness, safety for humans, the crop and environment are all considered critically.

Each of the 11 chapters is accompanied by concluding remarks and by a list of relativelyup-to-date references a total of more than An outcome of this work is the realization that thedevelopment of reliable biological products depends onunderstanding the pathogens, the hosts and their interactions Book Reviews Find plant A,… Documents. Invasive Plants and Insects of Pests Invasive plants… Documents. PCR amplification of the spliced leader gene for the diagnosis of trypanosomatid parasites of plants and insects in methanol-fixed smears Documents.

Insects and Plants - Institute of Food and Agricultural? Parasites: Behaviour of Insects Documents. Fungal parasites of insects and Chapter Saprotophic colonization in body tissue Documents. Food Plants of Scale Insects Documents. Trypanosomatid parasites of plants phytomonas Documents. Mating, parasites and other trials of life in social insects Documents.

Carnivorous Plants and Insects Documents. Inter-Relations of Plants and Insects Documents.


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Two adult forms also present with ectoparasitic nematodes. Stylet with or without basal flanges. Esophagus with large median bulb and overlapping glands. Male usually without bursa. Spicules rose-thorn-shaped. Gubernaculum absent. Type subfamily Entaphelenchinae Nickle, Subfamily Entaphelenchinae Nickle, Diagnosis : Entaphelenchidae. Nematodes with at least three adult forms. Endoparasites of insects.

Type genus: Entaphelenchus Wachek, Diagnosis : Entaphelenchinae. Three adult forms. Small vermiform males and females 0. Labial region offset. Excretory pore posterior to median bulb. Ovary with few cells, post vulval sac short. Tail conoid with rounded tip. Spicule paired, rostrum prominent. Bursa and gubernaculum absent. Parasitic form large 1.

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Perivaginal glands well developed, filling the body in this region. Body usually convoluted. Tail with spike-like tip. Type species: Entaphelenchus oxyteli Wachek, Genus Peraphelenchus Wachek, Three adult forms, all found in insect body cavity. Procorpus cylindrical, lumen wide. Median bulb absent. Basal bulb with valve. Esophageal glands as a long lobe.


Female ventrally curved. Ovary with fee cells, post vulval sac present.

Tail short, conical. Male scorkscrew-shaped. Spicules with prominent rostrum. Tail bluntly rounded with two pairs of postanal caudal papillae. Parasitic female with larger body, ovary short. Type species: Peraphelenchus necrophori Wachek, Genus Praecocilenchus Poinar, Three adult forms found in insect body cavity. Female and male found in uterus of adult parasitic females.

Labial region not offset. Female very small, less than 0. Esophageal gland long, extending to midbody.

Ovary short, post vulval sac short. Tail conical.


Male small 0. Tail curved. Parasitic female body large 0. Uterus containing sexually mature males and females, post vulval sac absent. Stylet short with wide lumen. Vulval lip protruding. Tail bluntly rounded. Type species: Praecocilenchus rhaphidophorus Poinar, Genus Roveaphelenchus Nickle, Stylet slender without basal knobs. Esophageal glands short. Female : Ovary one, usually with one large juvenile in uterus, post vulval sac absent.

Tail cylindrical, ending in four mucronate point. Male : when relaxed, tail well coiled. Testis reflexed. Caudal papillae not seen. Parasitic female : body swollen, ovary convoluted, extending to neck region. Uterus containing pre-adult stage juvenile. Tail short, digitate.

Type species: Roveaphelenchus jonesi Nickle, Subfamily Acugutturinae Hunt, Nematodes with two adult forms. Ectoparasites of insects. Genus Acugutturus Hunt, Diagnosis : Acugutturinae. Body 0. Head rounded, offset by, constriction. Procorpus long, reflexed. Female gonad one without post vulval sac. Spicules rose-thorn-shaped with prominent rostrum.

Tail without bursa, two pairs of caudal papillae present. Ectoparasite of American cockroach. Type species: Acugutturus parasiticus Hunt, Procorpus long and reflexed. Excretory pore very anterior. Gonad one, outstretched. Tail very short. There are two pairs of genital papillae, one preanal and one caudal. A small terminal bursa present.

Evolution of Parasitism in Insect-transmitted Plant Nematodes.

Ectoparasite of noctuid moths. Literature cited. Bedding, R. Deladenus wilsoni n. Nematologica Blinova, S. Phaenopsitylenchus laricis gen. Nematoda: Phaenopsitylenchidae n. Bovien, P. Some types of association between nematodes and insects. Chitwood, B. Chitwood An introduction to nematology. Baltimore , U. Monumental Printing Co. Cobb, N. Howardula benigna , a nemic parasite of the cucumber-beetle Diabrotica. Science One hundred new nemas Type species of new genera.

Contributions to a Science of Nematology Currie, G. Galls on Eucalyptus trees. A new type of assocition between flies and nematodes. Deunff, J. Launay, and J.